Things I Learned from "Barbarella"

Before she pioneered those workout tapes, Jane Fonda starred as Barbarella. This 1968 film was directed by French filmmaker Roger Vadim. It's based on a comic book by Jean-Claude Forest.

Set in a very distant future, Barbarella is about the adventures of a sexy woman tasked to find the ruthless Durand-Durand. It may not be as great as Citizen Kane, but Barbarella is indeed a guilty pleasure. It's one of the best cult classics. Ever.

I listed down the things I learned after watching this cult classic:
  • Stripping in zero gravity can be fun.
  • Nothing beats the music of the '60s.
  • "Love!" is a cool greeting.
  • Presidents won't even let you put on some clothes when they have something important to tell you.
  • You can have a nap for 154 hours.
  • Voice-overs are sometimes useless.
  • Always have a tongue box. You'll never know where you'll land next.
  • Creepy-looking kids are usually evil.
  • Dolls can be vampires too.
  • Men with very hairy chest usually want more than a "thank you."
  • Fur sucks.
  • Not all angels could fly.
  • Some earthlings are "soft and warm." And they also look like Jane Fonda.
  • Marcel Marceau can speak.
  • You can eat orchids.
  • When changed to "Duran Duran," Durand-Durand can be a good name for a band.
  • The Great Tyrant is a lady, and she also likes ladies.
  • Barbarella is her name. Not "Pretty-Pretty!"
  • Depriving Anita Pallenberg of a unique pleasure is a crime. Crime!
  • Unlike people, angels don't hold grudge.
  • Talking to yourself can make you look ridiculous.

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