Delicious and Heartwarming

Jon Avnet, 1991

"Whither thou goest, I will go. Where thou lodgest, I will lodge. Thy people shall be my people."
- Ruth 1:16

The '90s cinema was abundant with feminist films; there was Thelma & Louise, Nikita, The Silence of the Lambs, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Fried Green Tomatoes, The River Wild, Bound, G.I. Jane, Jackie Brown, Elizabeth, etc.

Among those films, Fried Green Tomatoes is the one whose approach to feminism I liked the most. It doesn't feature gun-toting women, rather it features everyday women who aren't afraid to speak their mind and assert themselves.


Cinematography: The Skin I Live In

Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Cinematographer: José Luis Alcaine

Almodóvar's The Skin I Live In is a twisted tale of madness, obsession, and revenge.

The film features Antonio Banderas in his most sinister role as Dr. Robert Ledgard, an exceptional surgeon haunted by the demise of both his wife and daughter. Dr. Ledgard is currently in the process of finishing the flawless skin. His guinea pig is a mysterious "woman" named Vera Cruz (played by the beautiful Elena Anaya). Vera also has her share of dark past, and wants out of her claustrophobic existence.

Aside from the strange nature of the film and the actors' performances, another thing that stood out for me is José Luis Alcaine's cinematography.

Vera's reflection.

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