Unsung Heroism

Joe Camp, 1987

By now you've probably seen the story of Tara, the (heroic) tabby who saved her "kid brother" from their vicious neighbor dog. But what if the kid was a stranger to the tabby? Would Tara still be willing to protect a stranger from someone/something life-threatening?

What about you? Are you willing to compromise your existence just so you could save a bunch of strangers? Yes? Good for you and those strangers. What about this: are you willing to compromise your existence just so you could save a bunch of strangers, but — here's the catch — you won't get credit for doing so? Yes? Weh... 'di nga? Really? Are you sure? Hmm...


When Humanity Breeds Hate

Samuel Fuller, 1982

"That's the danger in picking up a stranger," an injured Molly says. Molly (Lynne Moody) is a friend of Julie Sawyer (Kristy McNichol). Julie is a struggling Hollywood actress who nurses an injured German Shepherd back to health and eventually adopts it, only to realize that it is a "white dog" (literally and mentally).

The dog is trained to rabidly attack Black people. Being a dog lover that she is, Julie doesn't want the dog killed, despite the advice of her screenwriter boyfriend (Jameson Parker). Instead she goes to Mr. Carruthers (Burl Ives), a successful animal trainer who then refers her to Keys (a nice entrance by Paul Winfield), an African-American trainer who is determined to "un-teach" the brainwashed dog.


My 20 Fave Moments in "Tess"

(WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead.)

1. The sunrise at Stonehenge.
2. Tess and Angel (Nastassja Kinski and Peter Firth) arriving at the Stonehenge/Tess saying, "There are no stars tonight."
3. Tess' reaction after Alec (Leigh Lawson) refers to Angel as her "mule of a husband."
4. Tess' reunion with Marian (Carolyn Pickles).

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