Beyond the Limits

The Wachowskis, 1996

Although The Matrix is not really my cup of tea (it's too sci-fi for my taste), I am convinced that The Wachowski Brothers The Wachowskis have an impressive talent to create flawlessly entertaining, kinetic films. The Wachowskis, comprised of Andy and Larry (who is now called "Lana"), know how to equilibrize different genres in one film; in The Matrix movies, they successfully fused action, romance, sci-fi, and thriller.

Three years before the Wachowskis entered The Matrix, they made their directorial debut with a sexy neo-noir crime thriller called Bound. Stylishly photographed, well acted, and intelligently written, Bound is about two women who go beyond the limits to f*ck over the f*ck-worthy mafia — not in a literal sense, get your head off the gutter! :P

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