Cinematography: Fallen Angels

Director: Wong Kar-wai
Cinematographer: Christopher Doyle

Having made visually stunning films together, Wong Kar-wai and Christopher Doyle are easily one of the best creative teams in the film industry. 2046, Ashes of Time, In the Mood for Love, Chungking Express, and Fallen Angels are just some of their best collaborations.

In Fallen Angels — WKW's splendid take on loneliness, melancholy, and undeclared love — Doyle had quite a big challenge: the film had only one day scene, so he had to make the most out of the night scenes, which he filmed in such a charming way.

Urban Hong Kong


Favorite Movie Moments: Jackie Brown

The final shot of 1997's Jackie Brown shows a close-up of Pam Grier's face, looking rather heartbroken while lip synching Bobby Womack's Across 110th Street. Driving away from a love that could have been, Jackie Brown (played by Grier) sings along the lines:


Cassavetes on Screenwriting

(Image source here.)

In 1953, John Cassavetes knew practically nothing about writing. Sam Shaw decided to help him by introducing him to Edward McSorley, a novelist, who gave him a crash-course in screenwriting. Cassavetes said that McSorley taught him the three most important things he knew:

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