Television: As Seen by Pedro Almodóvar

As a way of passing time, most people like to sit in front of the television. They enjoy viewing things that can be entertaining or informative (or both at the same time). Watching TV is like taking a road trip minus the car. Just press your remote control and you can see things of different sceneries: dramatic, comedic, creepy, action-packed, etc.

There are two kinds of television: the useful one and the useless one. The useful one feeds our mind with insightful thoughts, while the useless one eats our time by parading a bunch of bullsh*t (e.g., celebrity gossips, "reality" shows).

Acclaimed Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar mostly sees television as the useless one. Take note of how he presented the tube in two of his films:

Songs for "The Main Event"

All right. A few weeks ago I listed down some "aphrodisiac songs." Now I listed down the songs that are best played while, you know, making love.

Takuya Kimura and Faye Wong in 2046.

1. ANGEL – Massive Attack

Sexiest Lines:

You are my angel
Come from way above
To wake me up

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