Cinematography: All That Heaven Allows

Director: Douglas Sirk
Cinematographer: Russell Metty

One of the most beautifully shot films, I believe, is Douglas Sirk's All That Heaven Allows. Starring Jane Wyman and gay icon Rock Hudson, this romantic drama has an upper-class widow (Miss Wyman) and a younger nurseryman (Hudson) falling in love with each other.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder remade All That Heaven Allows as Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, while Todd Haynes paid homage to Sirk's masterpiece via Far from Heaven.

The film that put Sirk on the Hollywood map, All That Heaven Allows is armed with well-written screenplay and notable performances (especially by Miss Wyman). But the thing that made this a standout classic is Russell Metty's cinematography, which heavily inspired Edward Lachman's work in Far from Heaven.

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