My Favorite Criterion Posters

Playful colors. Genius artworks. I've always been fond of Criterion's poster designs. Kudos to their designers. They always come out with the best ideas for a film poster. Their designs are very artistic and unique. Most of their designs represent a film very well. Here are some of my favorite Criterion posters.



Behind the Curtains

Tagline: A story of love and conflict.

François Truffaut, 1980

Celebrated French film director François Truffaut treats audiences with The Last Metro, a mixture of romance, drama, comedy, and historical tragedy.

Set in Nazi-occupied France (northern part) during World War II, The Last Metro takes us behind the scenes, or should I say, behind the curtains of one of Paris' favorite theaters, the Montmartre Theatre. The theater's Jewish director, Lucas Steiner (Heinz Bennent), is said to have fled from France to South America in order to avoid capture by the French people connected with the Nazis. Little do most people know that Steiner's wife, actress Marion Steiner (Catherine Deneuve), is hiding him at the theater's cellar.

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