Dope Horror Movie Soundtracks

Halloween's here. Time to look stupid for that costume party sh*t, yes? Along with Christmas, Halloween is the time of year when we become extra generous — in terms of creativity and candies. You get busy decorating costumes and the party's set.

While you're at it, why not add a little more touch of terror by playing these film scores from some of the scariest movies of all time?

1. Ave Satani/Suite, The Omen (1976) - Jerry Goldsmith

Composed in style of a Black Mass, Jerry Goldsmith's Oscar-winning Ave Satani (Hail Satan) is perfect for a Halloween party.

The Suite is just as creepy, with the choir's extended singing of the lines:

Sanguis bibimus
Corpus edimus

Versus Christus!
Ave Satani!

(We drink the blood
We eat the body

Hail Satan!)

It can also be a nice wedding song. But I prefer to play it while working out. Chos!

2. Main Theme/Shower, Psycho (1960) - Bernard Herrmann

The macabre and tense harmony of the string orchestra, the haunting cello by the middle of the music, punctuated by the stabbing sound of the violent violin at the end. Without this magnificent score, Psycho wouldn't be the classic that it is today.

3. Main Theme, Children of the Corn - Jonathan Elias

Ah... those evil kids... I didn't know they can sing as well as they can creep you out. Accompanied by the haunting vocalization of the choir, Elias' piece is a masterful work of symphonic terror.

4. Main Theme, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
- Steve Jablonsky

The film is not as great as the 1974 classic, but this music is singularly the best thing about it. Jablonsky's composition seals the fate of those doomed road trippers.

5. Main Theme, The Shining - Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind

This one sounds a bit like those themes from '50s horror movies. The faint wail permeating throughout the piece adds that tone of creepy derangement.

6. Main Theme, Halloween (1978) - John Carpenter

Composed by director John Carpenter, this main theme is the main reason why this film is scary, in my opinion. Its ambient nature makes you feel like Michael Myers is just right around the corner, ready to attack you at any time.

7. Hellraiser, Hellraiser - Christopher Young

Exudes the same aura as #4. I dislike this movie though.

8. Main Theme, The Mummy (1959) - Franz Reizenstein

The ultimate '50s horror music. 'Nuff said.

9. Hello Zepp, Saw - Charlie Clouser

I'm not a fan of the franchise, but this music is the sh*t. Although it sounds a bit videogame-ish, Clouser's composition is perfect for the film's plot: the game of your life.

10. Suspiria, Suspiria - Goblin

Probably Dario Argento's finest, Suspiria is a macabre visual feast. It relies heavily on its cinematography, lighting, set design, and music. This particular score starts out with that "twinkle twinkle" sound (kinda like the lullaby from Rosemary's Baby), immediately followed by the eerie female vocalization... makes you feel like you're in a nightmare.

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