When Women Flirt with Women

So, you're a lesbian (or maybe a bi female). You love women. You enjoy munching cupcakes. And rainbow is your favorite color. Oh yes. You love anything sapphic. However, you dread the obligatory viewing of The L Word and its evil offspring The Real L Word.

As a lady-loving female, you like flirting — just like any other human being, gay or straight. The L Word had a lot of flirting moments in it. But if you don't have enough time to have The L Word marathon, why not check out these films?

In celebration of the LGB Pride Month, allow me to present to you my five fave lesbian flirting moments in cinema.


Sexy neo-noir thriller about two women who conspire to steal the mafia's money, while falling in love with each other in the process.

This scene shows femme Violet (Jennifer Tilly) hitting on the butch Corky (Gina Gershon). Her pickup lines? Eto lang naman:
Whenever anything was broken, he would just open it up. Tinker with it a little bit. And fix it. His hands were magic.



Think: a more serious Love Actually. Feast of Love is a series of vignettes about the love life of people who are somewhat connected to each other.

In this scene, Jenny (Castle's Stana Katic) makes a bold move on Kathryn (Selma Blair), a married woman who later realizes that she might not be as straight as she thinks she is.

Jenny's swag is just so sexy.


Like I said before, the Idgie and Ruth storyline is a lesbian love story wrapped inside a chick flick movie. Let's just call it a love story, minus the label.

The honeybee scene is sweet. And I get the impression that Ruth tasting the honey is a metaphor for sex. Yum!


This is a 1958 remake of the revolutionary 1931 film. I chose this version because I'm a fan of Romy Schneider, and I think she's a cutie in this film.

Manuela (Schneider) is an orphan who is sent to a boarding school where she meets a teacher named Elisabeth (Lilli Palmer). She falls in love with her teacher and pursues her. Will Elisabeth give in to Manuela's advances? And is Manuela really in love with Elisabeth? Or is she just longing for a mother? I don't know, why don't we just watch this scene?


This indie film is about a group of yuppies stealing each other's partner. The film has Catherine Keener and Nastassja Kinski falling in love with each other. (I'm gonna be a little bias here again, because one of the women is my all-time celebrity crush.)

In this scene, the married Terri (Keener) flirts with an art gallery worker named Cheri (Kinski). I love how random Keener says her last line.

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