My 20 Fave Moments in "Benji the Hunted"

(WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead.)

1. The title sequence, which is accompanied by Guy Hovis' heartfelt Too Many Yesterdays.

2. Benji waking up the morning after getting ashore./Benji yawning.
3. Benji trying to save the doomed cougar.
4. The stalkerish-up-on-a-tree shot of Benji walking after witnessing the death of the cougar.

5. Benji's first acquaintance with the orphaned cubs./The cubs persistently following Benji, notwithstanding Benji's opposing barks.
6. Benji finally "adopting" the cubs./Benji barking after a cub tried to milk him, thinking he was its mom.
7. Benji sparing the rabbit./Benji "saying" sorry to the bunny.
8. Benji's first acquaintance with the owl.
9. Benji imagining the cubs getting out of "the house."/Benji putting rocks so the cubs won't get out.
10. Benji outwitting the hunter so the latter would untie him./Benji scoring another chicken.
11. Benji seeing the prospect mother for the orphaned cubs.
12. One of the cubs "standing up" to the grizzly bear.
13. The wolf's acquaintance with the grizzly bear.
14. Benji looking at the rescue helicopter then at the gray cub then back at the helicopter then at the cub./Benji finally deciding to stay with the cub.

15. Benji "arfing" (commanding) the cubs to cross the river like he did./The cubs crossing the river.
16. Benji deliberately hiding from his trainer as the latter yells, "Benji! Benji! Benji!"/The zooming in of Benji's face as he looks at the cubs, his trainer's voice calling out for him.
17. Benji preventing the eagle from taking another cub.
18. Benji protecting the cubs from the wolf./The wolf and the cliff.
19. Benji patiently transporting the cubs one by one to the top of the cliff.
20. The tear-jerking yet emotionally rewarding finale.

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