Devoid of Anger, Pure in Heart

Majid Majidi, 1997

After Ali lost his younger sister Zahra's school shoes, the young duo agree that they will share his sneakers. However, they decide to keep it a secret from their parents. Ali and Zahra also deal with the obstacles along their way in this heartwarming and magnificent tale of family, kindness, and love. Ali and Zahra come from a financially poor family in urban Iran, but they are still happy because they only want what they need.

Writer-director Majid Majidi shows us how Ali and Zahra appreciate even the smallest of things. What seems nothing to other people means a lot to these children. They are called the "children of heaven" because they are like little angels; devoid of anger and pure in heart. The child actors, Amir Farrokh Hashemian and Bahare Seddiqi, are fascinating. Their emotions are raw. I've always thought that child actors are more engaging than their adult counterparts.

While other kids want to have the latest gadgets and toys, Ali and Zahra want nothing more than what they really need: school shoes. We can learn a lot from the children of heaven.

2003's Homerun and 2010's Bumm Bumm Bole are remakes of this film.

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