Fave LGB-Themed Movies

And the song goes: "Measure your life in love." In celebration of SCOTUS' historic decision on same-sex marriage, I compiled my ten favorite LGB-themed movies.

(In no particular order.)

Fried Green Tomatoes
Jon Avnet, 1991

An all-time fave movie of mine, Fried Green Tomatoes is a delicious film about the struggles and triumphs of women. To appeal to a wider range of audience, the film discusses lesbian love in a very discreet manner, presenting Ruth and Idgie (Mary-Louise Parker and Mary Stuart Masterson) as BFFs more than lovers. (I suggest checking out the novel to get a clearer picture of Ruth and Idgie’s love story.)

I initially watched this film because of my childhood crush on Chris O'Donnell. But I finished the film crushing on Miss Parker's character, Ruth Jamison/Bennett/Threadgoode. Miss Ruth is the quintessential lady, the kind of woman that — once you get a glimpse of her — makes you play Elvis Costello's She in your head. No wonder Idgie fell for her.

The Children's Hour
William Wyler, 1961

Directed by William Wyler and starring his muse, the inimitable Audrey Hepburn, The Children's Hour is based on Lillian Hellman's play.

Karen and Martha are BFFs who own a boarding school for girls. After a pathological bully spreads a malicious rumor about them, Martha (Shirley MacLaine) is forced to confront her feelings for Karen (Miss Hepburn). The Children's Hour shows us how rumors and lies can destroy the life of a person, homosexual or otherwise. The film also tackles and (discreetly) bashes homophobia.

The Children's Hour is a very powerful film. Along with 1961's Victim and 1968's The Killing of Sister George, this film is one of the pioneers of LGB cinema, one of those that were "ahead of their time."

The Wachowskis, 1996

This is what this film is about. (Sorry. A bit lazy to type as of the moment.)

Bound stood out as one of the most stylish neo-noir films of the '90s. An intelligent thriller and love story, Bound is quite reminiscent of those moments when all you want to do is be sexy, beat the bad guys, and fall in love.

And who could resist Jennifer Tilly in that red dress?

Aisling Walsh, 2005

Naughty title, huh? This one's actually a two-part mini-series that felt like a movie. Based on Sarah Waters' novel, Fingersmith is about these two young women who discover the truth about each other. (I sound vague, don't I?)

Maud and Sue (Elaine Cassidy and Sally Hawkins) find true love in the midst of 19th-century lies and deception — quite an odd setting to fall in love but nevertheless sweet.

Gray Matters
Sue Kramer, 2006

A sweet coming-out story about a closeted lesbian (Heather Graham) in love with her brother's wife (Bridget Moynahan), Gray Matters is not exactly a great film, but I still find it entertaining. The film shows us that being in love is not that easy. It can break your heart, but it's still worth it.

To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
Beeban Kidron, 1995

A fun and funny film about a group of drag queens on a road trip. Kinda like The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

I saw this film as a young girl, and I was so impressed at how pretty Patrick Swayze is. Basically all the three actors (Swayze, Wesley Snipes, and John Leguizamo) are pretty and entertaining. My most fave performance is by Snipes. Yes, Snipes the action star. He's so fabulous as Noxeema Jackson.

What I also liked about the film are its memorable quotes, mostly by Noxeema. "Approval neither desired nor required."

Brokeback Mountain
Ang Lee, 2005

I've seen many a tragic movie about gay men. There was Bishonen, Law of Desire (a young Antonio Banderas, anyone?), Happy Together, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, etc. But Ang Lee's film is still the most heartbreaking. I feel so sad for Ennis and Jack (Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal) because they felt they had to lie to themselves and other people.

Basil Dearden, 1961

The film focuses on Meville Farr (Dirk Bogarde), a married closeted gay man who is being blackmailed because of his sexuality. 

A then-controversial film because homosexuality was illegal when this film came out (no pun intended), Victim is widely known as the very first film to mention "homosexual," a.k.a. that shiny, magical, rainbow-filled word.

Angela Robinson, 2004

Just because of a lesbian Jordana Brewster. Crappy movie about a group of women out to save the universe, schoolgirl style. A guilty pleasure of mine.

Chris Columbus, 2005

Based on the famous Broadway musical, Rent is about a group of bohemians in New York; the struggles (drugs, AIDS, homophobia) they face, the movies and music they make, and the love they give and take. A very inspiring film about the power of love and friendship.

I love this film. It is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. The songs are my all-time faves too, especially Seasons of Love and La Vie Bohème.

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