Fave Movie Moments: Blue is the Warmest Color

While watching Blue is the Warmest Color, I can't help but be enthralled by the beauty of that lady. And I'm not talking about Léa Seydoux. Not even Adèle... Ex... Exer... Exa... Exarch... Exarchopu — wait, I can do this — Exarchopoulos.

I was talking about this lady...

(Image source here.)

Da who? Actress is Alma Jodorowsky, Alejandro's granddaughter. Her character in the film is called Béatrice, the first "blue" lady to bring warmth into Adèle's la vie.

Remember this scene? The "you're cute and are you blushing" scene.

Daym. Her sheer boldness, her honest admiration of their schoolmate's derrière, and that simple yet remarkable seduction; those are the things that make Alma J.'s Béatrice compelling for Adèle.

Béatrice is a free spirit who emancipates Adèle from the shackles of cacophony inside her head. I guess it's valid to say that she is Adèle's first infatuation, that someone who fills in the blanks of Adèle's identity.

Blue is the Warmest Color is a film that relies on symbolism — may it be on words, images, cigarettes, nail polish, jewelry, shirt, etc.

Cigarette = warmth. In this film, the "warmest color" is passion, which is first ignited as soon as Adèle lights up Béatrice's ciggie.

"I'm freezing," says Béatrice right after kissing Adèle. That one line says a lot about Adèle's "transformation." Notice that discreet yet confident smile on Adèle. That's because she's now in the warmth of her passion, her assured sexual identity. Béatrice felt cold after the kiss because she knew that she made an honest mistake: unintentionally giving Adèle some false hope. (SPOILER: Béatrice would later turn Adèle down.)

For me the film is quite uninvolving in its entirety. But this very scene got me hooked. It's probably the sexiest moment in the film. Although the scene's closest thing to sex is the kiss, this moment — for me — is bursting with passion, which is sadly one-sided.

I guess this scene is synonymous with Botticelli's The Birth of Venus. Adèle is now entering a new world — the world of passion — hence the "birth of Adèle."

Now, let me further acquaint you with Miss Jodorowsky...


...why, yes, she's cute.

Cindy Crawford? Nah. Alma J.

Alma J. is primarily known as a model.
She also has a band called Burning Peacocks.

I posted this pic just because of that jacket, that blue shirt, and of course Alma J.

The thing is, I see quite a lot of female celebrities in Alma: a bit of Cindy Crawford, a bit of Alessandra Ambrosio, a bit of Virginie Ledoyen, a bit of Missy Peregrym, a bit of Shannyn Sossamon, and a bit of a young Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (especially the smile).

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