Fave Movie Quotes: Chasing Amy

You know, I didn't just heed what I was taught, men and women should be together, it's the natural way, that kind of thing. I'm not with you because of what family, society, life tried to instill in me from day one. The way the world is, how seldom it is that you meet that one person who just *gets* you - it's so rare. My parents didn't really have it. There were no examples set for me in the world of male-female relationships. And to cut oneself off from finding that person, to immediately halve your options by eliminating the possibility of finding that one person within your own gender, that just seemed stupid to me.

- Alyssa Jones


Ajinkya said...

Hi there,
Hope you’re well!
Haven’t shared this with you before : http://ajinkyachabukswar.blogspot.in/2011/10/short-goodbye.html
Don’t know why…! Maybe there was a reason!
Well, after reading your last message on fb, I wrote it, the very next moment.
You can leave your comment there on the blog, if any.

PS: I’ve spiced up the emotions a little eventually for a poetic effect.

And, I too, liked Chasing Amy.

That Film Enthusiast said...

Hi! What a nice poem you have there; it's simple yet rich in emotions. I've been very busy lately, so I haven't been in online a lot.

Ajinkya said...

Thanks Iza!

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