Once They Were Babies

Babies. Aren't they adorable? They're full of beauty and innocence. Babies have this irresistible power to lighten you up. Last night, while browsing baby pictures to cheer myself up, I decided to compile pictures of some celebrities at their most innocent. Let us now return to innocence.

Isabelle Adjani

Birth name: Isabelle Yasmine Adjani
Date of birth: June 27, 1955
Birthplace: Gennevilliers (near Paris), Hauts-de-Seine, France

Baby Isabelle will have enchanting blue eyes. She will be a successful theater and film actress. Some of her films will include The Story of Adele H., Nosferatu the Vampyre, Possession, Subway, Ishtar, Camille Claudel, and Queen Margot. Putting her hand on her cheek will be her mannerism. She will become one of the most awarded actresses in France.

Lauren Bacall

Birth name: Betty Joan Perske
Date of birth: September 16, 1924
Birthplace: New York City, New York, USA
Died: August 12, 2014 in New York City, New York, USA

Baby Lauren will grow up to have a sexy deep voice. She will marry Humphrey Bogart. She will become one of Hollywood's living legends. She will die of a massive stroke at the age of 89, but her legacy will live on.

Antonio Banderas

Birth name: José Antonio Domínguez Banderas
Date of birth: August 10, 1960
Birthplace: Málaga, Andalucía, Spain

Baby Antonio will become Desperado. But first, he will star in films by Almodóvar. He will become a star because of his role in Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! He will eventually make it big in Hollywood.

Ingrid Bergman

Birth name: Ingrid Bergman
Date of birth: August 29, 1915
Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden
Died: August 29, 1982 in London, England, UK

Baby Ingrid will be one of the most popular Swedish actresses who will make it big in Hollywood. She will be best remembered as Ilsa Lund in Casablanca. She will die of breast cancer, but her legacy will live on.


Birth name: Björk Guðmundsdóttir
Date of birth: November 21, 1965
Place of birth: Reykjavîk, Iceland

Baby Björk will grow up to become an eccentric singer. She will also become a Dancer in the Dark. She will be the most successful Icelandic star of all time.

Mariah Carey

Birth name: Mariah Carey
Date of birth: March 27, 1969 or 1970
Birthplace: Huntington, New York, USA

Baby Mariah will make her recording debut in 1990. She will be a diva with eighteen #1 hits. She will become one of the biggest-selling singers of all time.

Catherine Deneuve

Birth name: Catherine Fabienne Dorléac
Date of birth: October 22, 1943
Birthplace: Paris, France

Baby Catherine will dye her brunette hair blonde. She will be one of the biggest French actresses of all time. She will work with directors like Luis Buñuel, Roman Polanski, André Téchiné, François Truffaut, and Lars von Trier. She will become a Belle de jour. She will be popular in the US because of her TV ads for Chanel no. 5.

Patrick Dewaere

Birth name: Patrick Jean-Marie Henri Bourdeaux
Date of birth: January 26, 1947
Birthplace: Saint Brieuc, Côtes-du-Nord, France
Died: July 16, 1982 in Paris, France

Baby Patrick will become one of the most prolific actors in France. He will star in Going Places with Gérard Depardieu. In 1982, he will shoot himself with a rifle.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Birth name: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
Date of birth: November 11, 1974
Birthplace: Hollywood, California, USA

Baby Leo will grow up to be one of the most successful young actors in Hollywood. He will star in Titanic. He will also become one of Martin Scorsese's favorite actors.

Marlene Dietrich

Birth name: Marie Magdalene Dietrich
Date of birth: December 27, 1901
Birthplace: Berlin-Schöneberg, Germany
Died: May 6, 1992 in Paris, France

Baby Marlene will become a stage and silent film actress in 1920s Berlin. She will have a breakthrough role in The Blue Angel, which will lead to a successful Hollywood career. She will become a US citizen in 1939. She will popularize the androgynous look by wearing tuxedos, men's hats, and men's tailored suits. She will die because of kidney failure in 1982 1992 (!), but she will always be remembered.

Jodie Foster

Birth name: Alicia Christian Foster
Date of birth: November 19, 1962
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

Baby Jodie will become a child star. She will grow up to be haunted by Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs. She will also win the heart of Oscar® twice.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Birth name: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Date of birth: April 14, 1977
Birthplace: New York City, New York, USA

Baby Sarah Michelle will grow up to become Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a role first played by Kristy Swanson in the 1992 film. She will marry Freddie Prinze Jr., her co-star in films like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scooby-Doo.

Audrey Hepburn

Birth name: Audrey Kathleen Ruston
Date of birth: May 4, 1929
Birthplace: Ixelles, Belgium
Died: January 20, 1993 in Tolochenaz, Switzerland

Baby Audrey will be one of the most beautiful faces to ever grace the screen. She will also become a fashion icon. She will be a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador until the end of her life.

Katie Holmes

Birth name: Kate Noelle Holmes
Date of birth: December 18, 1978
Birthplace: Toledo, Ohio, USA

Baby Katie will become Joey Potter in Dawson's Creek. She will marry Tom Cruise. She will eventually give birth to Suri.

Grace Kelly

Birth name: Grace Patricia Kelly
Date of birth: November 12, 1929
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: September 14, 1982 in Monaco

Baby Grace will become a legend. She will have a swell Hollywood career. She will be the princess of Monaco until her car accident in 1982.

Nicole Kidman

Birth name: Nicole Mary Kidman
Date of birth: June 20, 1967
Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Baby Nicole will move to Australia to become one of the country's most successful actresses. She will get a breakthrough role in Dead Calm, co-starring Sam Neill. She will marry Tom Cruise, but they will divorce.

Nastassja Kinski

Birth name: Nastassja Aglaia Nakszynski
Date of birth: January 24, 1960 or 1961
Birthplace: Berlin, West Germany (now Germany)

Baby Nastassja will grow up to be a sex symbol. She will also become one of Wim Wenders' favorite actresses. One of her most popular films will be 1982's Cat People, a remake of the 1942 film. For some reason, she will (temporarily) stop making films in 2006.

Vivien Leigh

Birth name: Vivian Mary Hartley
Date of birth: November 5, 1913
Birthplace: Darjeeling, West Bengal, British India (now India)
Died: July 7, 1967 in London, England, UK

Baby Vivien will become one of the most influential actresses of all time. She will win the Oscar® for Best Actress for her roles in Gone with the Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire. She will grow up to be a heavy smoker and will eventually die of chronic tuberculosis in 1967.


Birth name: Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
Date of birth: August 16, 1958
Birthplace: Bay City, Michigan, USA

Baby Madonna will become one of the biggest stars of all time. She will sing Like A Virgin, and that will be her signature song. She will "reinvent" herself over and over again.

Brad Pitt

Birth name: William Bradley Pitt
Date of birth: December 18, 1963
Birthplace: Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA

Baby Brad will become one of the sexiest men alive. He will be a star because of his role in Thelma and Louise. He will have high-profile relationships with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie.

Keanu Reeves

Birth name: Keanu Charles Reeves
Date of birth: September 2, 1964
Birthplace: Beirut, Lebanon

Baby Keanu will grow up to be one of the most beautiful actors I've ever seen. Some of his films will include Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Speed, and The Matrix. He will also become a bassist for bands like Dogstar and Becky.

Meg Ryan

Birth name: Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra
Date of birth: November 19, 1961
Birthplace: Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

Baby Meg will make her first onscreen appearance in 1981's Rich and Famous, starring Jacqueline Bisset and Candice Bergen. She will be known because of her starring roles in romantic comedies like When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You've Got Mail. Her professional name, Meg Ryan, is an anagram of "Germany."

Romy Schneider

Birth name: Rosemarie Magdalena Albach
Date of birth: September 23, 1938
Birthplace: Vienna, Austria
Died: May 29, 1982 in Paris, France

Baby Romy will be known as Sissi. She will also have a formidable acting career in France. She will become the first actress to win the César Award for Best Actress. She will die because of a cardiac arrest in 1982.

John Travolta

Birth name: John Joseph Travolta
Date of birth: February 18, 1954
Birthplace: Englewood, New Jersey, USA

Baby John will grow up to have a remarkable cleft chin. He will become a big actor in Hollywood because of his excellent dancing skills. Some of his films will include Saturday Night Fever, Grease, and Pulp Fiction.

Natalie Wood

Birth name: Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko
Date of birth: July 20, 1938
Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA
Died: November 29, 1981 in Santa Catalina Island, California, USA

Baby Natalie will have beautiful big brown eyes. She will become one of the most successful child actresses of all time. She will also be remembered for her grown-up roles in films like Rebel Without A Cause, Splendor in the Grass, and West Side Story. She will drown in 1981. Her death will be a mystery.

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Kyle said...

Wow, I don't know where you found some of these pictures, but they're amazing. It's pretty incredible that so many of them looked like their adult selves even as babies. I mean, you can see Brad Pitt, Nastassja Kinski, Katie Holmes, Bjork, and Isabelle Adjani in their pictures.

Great posting!

Iza Larize said...

Hi Kyle!

I'm glad you liked my post :)

Yes. They still looked like themselves...only cuter. Babies are adorable ;)

That Film Enthusiast said...

Travolta looked like a baby alien. LOL! :P

Elysium said...

surprisingly a lot of them you can actually tell who they are...but i must say even Grace K was regal as an infant despite the hair!

Iza Larize said...

Yes...she's a born princess :D

That Film Enthusiast said...

Das andere Baby-Bild von Romy Schneider:


That Film Enthusiast said...

Und noch ein:


Yet another baby pic of Natalie Wood:

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