Most Handsome Actors I've Ever Seen

Have you ever had a kilig moment while you're watching a movie or a TV show? I have. It usually happens every time there's a romantic scene or every time there's a handsome face lighting up the screen.

These are some of the breathtakingly handsome actors I've ever seen onscreen. I don't care if they're gay, short, or talentless; they still make me want to swoon.†

(In alphabetical order.)

1. Fran├žois Arnaud

The sexiest cardinal on TV.


Favorite Movie Moments: The Conformist

Unlike men, women can do a lot of things together without being labeled "gay." We can hold hands, walk arm in arm, dance together, kiss each other on the cheek, sleep on one bed, etc. If I mention all of the things we can do together without society branding us "dykes," you might drown in its bounty.

Dominique Sanda and Stefania Sandrelli in Bertolucci's The Conformist.
 (Image source here.)

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