The Film Enthusiast

My name is Iza Larize. I was born on the 19th of February, during a time when the so-called People Power Revolution was nearing its climax.

Trapped somewhere in the depths of cinema — that is how I would describe myself. I've been a captive of cinema's charm ever since I can remember. Watching films is like cream and sugar to my coffee; it is a want that is a need.† Cinema is one of the most efficient instruments for growth — may it be emotional, intellectual, or spiritual growth.

Through this blog, I aim to express my passion for cinema. I live in a country (Philippines) where the art of filmmaking is usually taken for granted, where great films and great filmmakers are like endangered species.
 I think those are some of the main reasons that urged me to create this blog.

Oh yeah, if you have enough time (and patience), you may also enjoy (or be annoyed by) my intergalactically awesome* singing voice at (I'm seriously considering a singing career in Mars if life on Earth fails. Chos.)

Adik ako sa cinema. 'Yun lang ang gusto kong sabihin.
*"Believe in yourself" nga daw 'di ba?!

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